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Icona newsTecnofondi S.p.a. is pleased to announce that it will participate in the Midest 2016 fair: international show for subcontracting products wich it will take place in Paris in November, from 6th to 9th. The stand of Tecnofondi will be number R50 locat [...]

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Tecnofondi Spa - Dished Heads
Tecnofondi S.p.A born in 1965 is today leader in Italy concerning the production of dished heads for building tanks, cisterns and boilers. Located in Brescia in the middle of Franciacorta, the thirty-year's experience, the continuous investments and the organization system are the guarantee for the customers of high products' quality and high services' efficiency. Tecnofondi developed during time two production sites where produces separately and exclusively dished heads in carbon steel and dished heads in stainless steel. Tecnofondi is really the one and only in Italy in this field to have more than 500 ton of dished heads stock and to begin the production cycle by hot rolled steel plate, with a considerable execution time saving by the customer order.  On this internet site Tecnofondi makes available the information and supplies to potential and actual customers a new working instrument, where it would be possible to find full selection of our stocked dished heads that are fully capable of satisfying the needs and requirements of any client.