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Icona newsTecnofondi S.p.a. announces with pleasure that it will participate at Drinktec 2017: the World´s Leading Trade Fair for the Beverage and Liquid Food Industry that will take place in Munich from September 11 to 15, 2017. The booth of Tecnofondi [...]

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Pressing of heads up to a thickness of 7 mm and up to a diameter of 1800 with a wide range of moulds available either with normal or torispherical edge.

1 pressing line (press with a power of 600 tons) equipped with loading and unloading system
1 press, power 800 tons
1 press, power 1500 tons
2 presses, power 600 tons
1 press, power 400 tons

2 circular shearing machines to obtain disks up to 5500 mm diameter and thickness up to 8 mm.
3 flanging machines 10 and 15 mm
1 flanging machine 24 mm
1 flanging machine 32 mm
A wide range of rolls is available to obtain dished heads with a radius up to the smallest dimension of 10 mm.
3 forming presses with a power of 600 tons and a working area of 5500 mm are equipped with a manipulator to lift caps up to 45 quintals.
1 shearing automatic circular machine for the entire manufacturing process of disks without operator.
Auxiliary to the main departments, 3 well equipped areas are here operative:
The tooling department for the maintenance of moulds and installations
The welding area to get non-standard square plates
The plasma cutting for the trimming of thick edges.
This line is fitted with a sliding bench with submerged arc to weld metal sheets up to a thickness of 12 mm and an electric bench with a grinding belt for the weld grinding.
Vertical plasma cutting line for steel plates up to a thick of 50mm and longitudinal cutting for the trimming and bevelling of thick edges.