The story of Tecnofondi began in 1965, the company produces and sells carbon steel dished heads for domestic heating tank.

Considering the transition from domestic fuel to natural gas for heating, the company decided to invest on diversification, aiming at developing the range of heads for new sectors (LPG for domestic or car heating) or increasing those that were previously marginal: heads for tanks for hydraulic, agriculture, heating and building sectors. In 2003 the new generation joined the company and Tecnofondi decided to start up a division in the production of stainless steel heads.

Since the company surpassed the 50-year history goal, it carried on its activities under the guidance and the direction of Valenti and Boroni families and the support of fifty employees.

Tecnofondi has three plants, overall fifteen thousand covered sq. m and three divisions, in which the activity is developed, that offer forefront solutions with suitable services.

The division of carbon steel coils and sheets is equipped for coils decoiling up to 2200 mm wide and 12 mm thickness, provides cut to size pallet and trade measures available in stock.

The division of carbon steel dished heads can be divided into two units: the first for rolled heads and the second for moulded heads as well as for the additional units (tooling department, welding area, disc cutting and edge turning); it is also equipped with more than 600 tonnes of finished products.

Lastly, the stainless steel and nickel and aluminium alloys division consists of different units: the sheets’ warehouse and the warehouse of standard heads available in AISI 304 and AISI 316; the additional units of plasma cutting to get discs or half discs and welding as well as the three principal units: dishing, heads flanging and cones bending.

The units of heads finishing: borders trimming and inside and outside heads polish complete the division.