Video collection of machinery, products and company.

The robotized island for drilling and trimming of dished heads, starting from a 3D file provided by the customer, is able to realize in complete autonomy:

  • the trimming of the completely deburred edge both on the flat and inclined and with tapering;
  • the multiple drilling of the surface respecting the required dimensions and inclinations.

The flanging machine model RIBO 15 at work in this video allows realizing the heads until 15 mm thickness with or without central hole. Tecnofondi has several cold flanging machines to produce heads until 32 mm thickness and the company provides the complete set of bronze-aluminum rolls until a radius of 450 mm that are studied for the realization of stainless steel dished heads.

In this clip we are making the beading of a Torispherical head from diameter 1900×6 mm.

The band unit that you can see in action in this video it’s a part of the polishing line made of one orthogonal axes grinding positioner and two grinding units with a power of 3 kw for each band and wheel-brush.

With the band unit we can polish the heads until a diameter of 5 mt with different profiles, including the hemispherical profile, coming also (to internal side or external side) roughness of 0,01 using abrasive bands of different grains and a cotton roll brush for the polishing.