The following plants and equipment have been made available thanks to our most expert and capable workers operating into a luminous 4400 m2 workhouse:

Nr. 1 Hydraulic linear cutting machine with an available working area of 3100 mm able to cut a metal sheet up to a thickness of 10 mm, with a working plan fitted with anti-scratching PVC rollers.

Nr. 1 plasma cutting bench is 2 x 12 m fitted with a plasma torch that has a power of 100 A/HD controlled by CAD/CAM process . This machine is dedicated to the cutting of metal sheets in order to get disks and half disks that have to be welded, up to 15 mm.

Nr. 1 Hydraulic circular shearing machine TCD-N2010/S that cut disks or circular crowns up to a diameter of 3200 and a thickness of 8 mm, either with or without central hole.

Nr. 2 automatic welding line with a sliding bench, anti-scratching PVC rollers fitted with three welding heads TIG for thickness up to 3mm, submerged arc for a thickness ranging from 3 to 8 mm and plasma head for all thickness.

Nr. 1 weld grinding line that includes a working bench with sliding anti-scratching PVC rolls and a belt grinding arm.

Nr. 2 Hydraulic presses with a power of 600 tons with a 5500 mm maximum working area and fitted with a manipulator able to lift disks with Ø max 5400 mm and a maximum weight of 45 quintals.

Nr. 1 Machine to fix PVC protection in stainless steel sheets , used on sheets up to a width of 2000 mm.

Nr. 2 Flanging machine RIBO model able of to flange heads up to a thickness of 24 mm, either with or without central hole, and fitted with a device to trim the heads’ edges with a flat cut and either internally or externally bevelled.

Nr. 10 Special rolls in aluminium bronze alloy for flanging machine, with physical and mechanical characteristics purposely studied for the production of stainless steel heads.

Nr. 1 section dedicated to bevel the heads’ edge with by plasma cutting to get either perfectly plan edge or bevelled edge according to the requirements of the client.

Nr. 1 Department for the grinding of dished heads with 1 grinding positioning unit fitted with orthogonal axes and 2 grinding heads with a power of 3 kw, grinding with abrasive belts and a polishing roll. This line guarantees a grinding process on dished heads up to 5 m diameter, obtaining various profiles, including the hemispherical one. Thanks to the use of abrasive belts in different grains and a cotton polishing brush, the belt unit allows to obtain a roughness up to less than 0,01 micron either internally or externally.

Nr. 1 bending machine with 4 rolls, able to produce conical and cylindrical forms until thickness 6 mm, 1500 mm of height and minimum central hole 105 mm.

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