The coils and sheets division of Tecnofondi S.p.a. has the following plants:

A line for coils decoiling dim. 2200 x 1,5 ÷ 12 mm

Coils weight of 50 ton – minimum width of 600 mm – max 2200

Inlet with V hollow saddles and expandable steps decoiler

Portal with pressure roller and anti coil break roller

Input towing with tempered Ø 150 rollers

Straightening machine for large thickness equipped with 11 Ø 180 mm rollers with 6 localized corrections

Brushing machine with 2 rollers (lower and upper) with a lateral translation movement equipped with suction group for the evacuation of calamine

Straightening machine for low thickness equipped with 15 Ø 80 mm rollers with 14 localized corrections

Steering-wheel wide 2200 x 12 mm with angle blade cut and anti blade break roller

Sheet stacker max size 2200 x 13000 mm equipped with rapid evacuation roller

Conveyor belts for rolled steel sheet rapid evacuation equipped with Fakir bed for forklift transport.

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